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Before & After Gallery

Prior attempted repair work without brick

or mortar matching attempts.

Keeping the wall stabilized during the project while repairing and replacing layers of brick.

Color and brick matched and wall stabilized.

Before at the church.jpg


On site working at the church.jpg


After completion at the church.jpg


Caulking before.jpg
Caulking after.jpg
Fresh Sealant.jpg

Before - Sealant

After - Sealant

Fresh Sealant

Failing sealant expansion joint.jpg

Failing Expansion Joint

As buildings move and flex with temperature, moisture changes and foundation settling, these expansion joints are essential to prevent cracking of the brick and building longevity. 

If these joints fail, moisture may creep inside the structural system of the building and create rust on the shelf plates/lentil and freezing may crack the brick creating more expensive repairs.

Expansion Joint
cut out and cleaned up

After joint is cut and cleaned out.jpg
After new sealant is added to the joint.jpg

Expansion Joint, color matched and re-sealed

Removing layers of old brick.jpg
Before Wall.jpg
During wall construction.jpg
after cap replacement.jpg
after brick replacement and tuckpointing.jpg

Repair of dangerously crumbling parapet wall - Before & After


Lintels, also known as the steel plates running along the top frame of your doors and windows are vital to the structural integrity of your building. Lintels distribute the weight of the wall above them and unless the steel is protected it will rust.


As you can see below, moisture seeped into the joint causing a lot of rust damage. The sealant protecting the lintel breaks down over time and in this case, was not properly maintained, which lead to rust. In worse scenarios, rust causes the steel to expand, and eventually something has to give. 


The rusting - expanding steel will cause the brick and mortar around the lintel to crack. As the crack grows it weakens the structural integrity of the entire wall.

rust plate 2.jpg
rust plate.jpg
Cutting sealant.jpg

Additional moisture barrier applied.

replacing header 2.jpg

Bricks replaced, new mortar with tuckpointing and sealant to complete the job.

replacing header.jpg

Bricks removed, wall supported and rust cleaned up, coated with rust inhibitor. **Disclaimer: Full replacement of a rusting lintel is recommended.

replacing header 3.jpg
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