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Fully licensed and insured in Wisconsin and Minnesota, our expertise includes preservation and restoration of historic natural stone, brick, and concrete materials.

We are trained with an emphasis in the conservation and preservation of historic masonry and safely and efficiently repair structures including historic buildings,  architectural features, monuments, chimneys, retaining walls, and artworks.


ABrekke Solutions will provide the best plan for your project - brick and sealant matching, structural integrity, and safely get your job done for  commercial or private contracted work.


Call or email Andrew today for a free estimate (715)419-3789



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Historic Building Repair

ABrekke Solutions provides answers to your stone masonry building plans. We deliver the best options regarding the type of brick or stone you have chosen to get your job done. Licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, our experience lies in both commercial and private contracted work. Call today for a free estimate. 

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Brick Repair

We understand the importance of saving your building's history, and we know you also want it to look good. Understanding the type of brick used is our first step in replacing and repairing your building. Special care is taken to ensure your property lives for another 100 years. 

Sealant - Caulking

An essential part of any project is to protect your building with quality sealant preparations and applications around windows, doors, expansion joints and more. 

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Color Match Mortar

Our experience, color guides, and artful eye are used to recreate brick, stone, and mortar color up to a 98% color match. 

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Mortar Repair

Dependent on the type of work you need, we provide services from demolition to patchwork to a complete repair including complete or partial brick cut-out, mortar replacement, tuck pointing and sealant. 

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Tuck Pointing

Using our experienced techniques, care is taken with tuck pointing and repointing of joints, ensuring this mortar moisture barrier is correctly and expertly applied.

Historic church with partial cut out, replacement, and tuck pointing. 


replacement of brick on church.jpg
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cut out and replacement of brick.jpg
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